Thursday, October 1, 2015

High school didn't prepare me for this

    Okay so I know I haven't posted in a while but ya know college. I just can't believe how fast time is going by! It's been 126 days since graduation and 47 since I moved into my dorm room. I have midterms coming up which makes me want to throw up. Classes are going good, its been a big change from high school. I used to have math every other day and now its everyday so it's been difficult for me to stay on top of my homework. Also I don't if you guys know where Ephraim, Utah it is very small and if Snow college hasn't here this town would have nothing! I have lived in the city my entire life with a ton of things to do, but here there is like Wal-mart and a few other things. I should have definitely thought about that before I decided to go to school here. Ephraim smells like cow crap 24/7 and the speed limit is 25 on every road besides main street where it hits a dangerously high speed of 35! I have made new friends and am consistently doing stuff so I try not to be bored. But living only an hour and a half any from home, can be a bad things sometime because I have only stayed two weekends in Ephraim. I mean when I go home it's not like I can go hang out with Ellie and Erin cause they are two hours away. So that is depressing but I love seeing my dad!
      Now for all the juicy stuff about my dating life...okay not so juicy, mostly because it is non existing. I did however go on a date with a boy I meet on tinder who lives in my building. The date wasn't super bad or anything but definitely hasn't the most exciting. Also he wasn't that talkative but he was funny. I ended up hanging out with him for a week or two but then we just stopped talking to each other, which is fine but I am the type of person who needs closure on everything. And I get that we weren't dating or anything like that but still, like it is only okay for me to ghost people not that the other way around! "But college is like the ocean with many different fish to choose from" as my grandmother would say.
  So that's my life in a very short version because if I gave all the details this blog would be 10+ pages :)
Cece and I 

Homecoming 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The time has come.

  Today I moved into my new dorm room where I will live until next year, which is very weird to think about. This morning was super busy because I had to get new tries before I left, so I had a early morning but late start. I finally get on the road and I thought I would be a lot more emotional about it but I wasn't. I only cried once a little in Nephi because the song "Don't forget to remember me" by Carrie Underwood came on and I thought I was going to lose it! My dad meet me at my building and he helped unload and move everything around in my room which was super helpful. Well he stayed for about an hour then left and we hugged, and we both cried a little. But it really hit me when I looked out my window and saw walking to his car, I called out "bye dad! I love you" he turned around and said "I love you too" and that is when I started just bawling, I completely lost it. My dad is my best friend and he travels a lot but I always see him so it is just so weird to think that I won't be able to see him all the time or my sister. I am just grateful my roommate isn't even here yet so I get the room to myself so if I start crying it won't be that weird! I am also very lucky that I have one of my best friends from when I was younger down here with me, cause if not I probably wouldn't have known anyone. But overall today was a success, it will probably hit me harder tomorrow when I wake up and my dad isn't here to make me breakfast.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


 So I have spent the last two and half days here in Mississippi in this little town called Columbus. Man it is so crazy how different a place could be when you live in the same country. Some good and some bad. As soon as I got off the plane I thought I was going to die because it was so hot, like hot as I could barley open my mouth and breathe cause it hurt so bad. So I already knew that it was going to suck with my hair and that I probably shouldn't even put on makeup on because I would sweat so bad or do my hair because the humidity just made it curly. Second they have bugs I have never even heard of! In Utah we have ticks but they aren't that common, well here you have to watch out for them all the time. They also have like "deer flies" is what they called them and we they bit you if hurts. For those two reasons, I do not understand why people live down here! But I guess they get used to it and they probably don't know anything different. But the second day was the most eye opening. I wouldn't say that my family is super rich, but we do have nice things and are able to go do things. I grew up having really anything I wanted, but down here I would be classified as privilege just because of how poor it is down here. My dad's friends were telling us that more then half of them live on welfare and don't work which to me is crazy! There is a lot of African-American people who live down here but they are a ton of white people too. They would tell us how it is still kinda segregated which is mind blowing because I guess living in Utah you don't think that people are still like that but they are. And may I point out that I did not see one Hispanic person. So people were giving my dad such weird looks. Our last name is Martinez, but I really don't look that Hispanic but my dad does. Apparently not a lot of people graduate high school which is weird because I used to think that basically everyone does. This trip really made my look into my life and made me realize just how lucky I am. It makes me so grateful that I had the opportunity to not only go to high school and graduate but to go to college.

 I love history, and Columbus has such rich history. (everywhere in the south does) The town was a hospital town back during the Civil war, so it wasn't burned down during the war. So there are buildings that date back before the Civil war. When you go down the old main street you can still see all the old hospitals. Fun fact the first memorial day was celebrated in Columbus! These ladies went and decorated all the graves of the confederate army but also the union soldiers which I think is amazing! So we got to go see a lot of the graves and most of the confederate soldiers were unknown which is just so sad to think that they lives were just forgotten and no one really went looking for them or it was just too hard. Tonight we went to like the best restaurant, which obviously they had a lot of fried chicken. But it was amazing, definitely not like food in Utah.
"Friendship cemetery"

Old Main Street

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Daddy and daughter road trip!

  Fun fact: I love, love, love road trips. So before school started my dad and I decided that we were going to take one. Well okay he was going to help a friend move back to Utah, but I jumped on the chance for a 24 hour drive. So I am currently sitting in like my favorite place ever, Las Vegas. Fine it isn't my favorite place but I am always  in Vegas I swear. My next flight isn't for another two hours so I thought this would be a perfect time to blog! So we are flying to Birmingham, Alabama, from there my dad's friend is picking us up and driving two hours to his house in Columbus, Mississippi, spend a night or two and then get on the road! I am so pumped because we are stopping in Memphis, Tennessee and my dad tells me that it is super cool and fun. The only thing I am scared about is the fact that we will probably have to spend a night in Oklahoma because it is half way. Well those of you who know me, know I am deathly afraid of  tornadoes and it is tornadoes season down there. So just know that the whole time I will be crapping my pants. We will probably stay in Denver for a night too just because my dad has friends there also his work headquarters are there too. It is a pretty city, it is really hipster but it smelled like weed the entire time I was there. But whatever I am just so glad that I get to cross off five states of my map. It is my goal to go to all 50 states!

  I could not sleep last night so I ended up taking like an hour and half nap and just woke up at 4:20 it get ready. Normally if I got up at that time I would be a totally brat to pretty much anyone who walked into my path but today I was surprisingly pleasant and super nice. Which if you know me, that doesn't happen that much. So I am in a great mood up until I got one my flight. I got the window seat (thank god) well this dude sat at the end of the row, which was totally fine. Well then some chick who was probably a year or two older then me sat in between us. She had the long fake hair extension, she was totally wearing some corset, and some like butt padding I kid you not. She sits down and smacks me in the face with her extensions and since it was the first time I just let it slide like she probably didn't mean to. Well she kept whipping her hair around and just kept smacking me in the face. I wanted to be like look lady we are on an airplane and there is no space so could you not whip your 10$ hair extensions around like you are Willow Smith. And she kept bouncing her knee/leg so I could not go to sleep so now I am in just the worst mood possible.

Monday, July 20, 2015

So Surreal

 Everything is becoming so surreal. I leave for school in three weeks, like that is crazy. I have been getting a lot of things for my dorm room and getting the last few things I need. I feel like at any moment I am going to finally break down and start crying. It just hasn't hit me yet. My best friend is moving to Idaho to go to BYUI and that is normally like 4 hours from my house but now it will be 6 hours from school. So that sucks. My friend Erin is going to Utah state which is like 3 hours away. It is all just so sad and you don't really think about how much you really care and love your friends until they move away and you can't see them every day. But the good thing is one of my really close friends that I have known since 5th grade is going down to Snow with me, so it makes it all just a little better.  
Ellie and I

Ciara and I

Erin and I

Monday, July 6, 2015

Money, Money, Money

  Currently freaking out because I move out in like a month. And I am started to realize that I don't have half the things I need, also I still haven't find out if I got any grants to help with school so not only am I freaking out but so is my dad. I thought that I got the majority of things at the beginning of summer with graduation money, but I didn't. It is a little overwhelming to think I have to pack up my entire life and move it into a tiny little room I share with someone else. There really isn't that much space for each of us but I guess that's what I get for wanting the full college experience.

 With the job I have now it doesn't pay that much and there is no way I can get a whole new  wardrobe like I wanted too:( And thanks to my friend for getting me hooked on Pinterest I just cry cause I want all the clothes on there. It also doesn't help that I have an expensive taste but no money to my name. But this is why I wanted to take a year off to work and save money and then go when I could afford it without having to take out student loans but my dad pushed me to go. But now he is like getting all worked up about how much it is, and I just want to tell him told you so but he never listen to me.

  Another thing is I have no idea how to work Snow college's website and how to check what books I need for my classes so that is annoying. I am like praying that I don't need a ton because that is a lot of money but also I don't want more back problems then I already have. I was so blessed in high school to not have to carry a bunch of textbooks so I got to have super cute backpacks, but this year I get the feeling I am just going to have to get one that is functional not super cute. Getting old and being an adult is not fun.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Making bank or something like that

 My dad has been on my case about getting a job before school starts so I can start saving money which never really happens. So yesterday I started my new job and let me just tell you, it was the most annoying thing ever.
 I have had a ton of jobs since I has 15 but they all sucked expect my job last summer because my boss was cool and his son was super attractive, but it didn't pay super well. And some how after having two jobs for the past two summers you would think I would have money in my savings account, but it is a solid $0.00. I mean there would be money in there if I didn't go shopping twice a week. But hey do what makes you happy, right? Well okay back to this new job. I have to wear khaki Bermuda shorts and closed toe shoes. Plus a staff shirt that looks good on no one. I think the shorts are the worst though, like Bermuda shorts are about as attractive as a 95 year old lady wearing a crop top. So here I was wearing Bermuda shorts, a black shirt and pink gym shoes, which I never wear in public. They put me in charge of running the playground and bounce house area. Kids are the devil in disguise, especially where I live because parents just leave their kids unattended for long periods of time. So they pretty much just run around causing havoc. I lost count of how much I yelled "NO CLIMING ON THE SLIDES!" So finally around 9:30pm they let my usher until the game was over. I thought the worst part was over...

 I was completely wrong. I then had to pick up trash for another two hours. They gave my gloves which was nice but then your hands get all sweaty and they get holes in them. Not to mention the drinks that run down your leg. I got Dr. pepper all down my leg and into my sock, which let me tell you is probably the grossest thing ever. After that I swept up peanuts, that meant a lot of bending down. So I woke up feeling like an old man after two hip replacements and a severe hunchback. They did give me the option of going home after the kids but I thought "what the hell, I am soon going to be a poor college student so I need the 
hours. " Would I work there the rest of my life no, but it is a job and I need one. Maybe even two. So there you go that is my first job out of high school.